how it works
Overview of Land Monitoring
Land Monitoring enables acquisition, integration, and geospatial analytics of remote sensing data with other environmental and social datasets.
Land Monitoring simplifies access and processing of free and commercial satellite data, and integration with in-situ/ monitoring data, LiDAR, and UAV-acquired data.
We deploy our cutting-edge data processing and analysis systems to integrate, extract, and deliver information important to your operations. Datasets and approaches are customized for your specific requirements.
Our analysis and reporting ensure timely delivery of information which can be accessed through secure streaming or file transfer, an interactive web-map, or a dashboard that can provide risk alerts based on your customized profile.
Using Land Monitoring
Subscribe to defined services
Products and analytics are delivered for defined area and time (e.g. wildfire season).

  • New satellite images are continuously acquired and analyzed based on your needs
  • Rapid information delivery
  • Integrate with other data
  • Monitor large areas with ease
  • Flexibility to modify monitoring frequencies to respond to emergencies
Custom analytics
We tackle a specific problem or requirement, using our advanced tools and methods and experience in environmental assessment and monitoring applications.

  • Integrated team of remote sensing, data processing, environmental, and social scientists
  • Leverage our existing, proven approaches in your domain of interest
  • Work closely with our team to design and evaluate methods and results
  • Get the most out of your existing data and integrate with the latest remote sensing data and tools